My heart is an unmade bed;
it might look messy, but I swear
it’s a safe place to rest.
― Moriah Pearson (via makelvenotwar)
That’s the best revenge of all: happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good fucking life
― Chuck Palahniuk  (via solacity)
  • Me on my wedding day: you still like me right
  • zacffren:

    i like being alone, not feeling alone

    Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.
    ― John Green (via wteverrr)


    i really hate people who think that “freedom of speech” means “i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you’re not allowed to get mad”


    how do you get attractive enough so that everyone loves you no matter what